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Panel Saw PS 400 EU


Dimension Of Sliding Table: 3200*370 mm Cross Cut Capacity: 3200 mm Max. Cutting Width: 1250 mm Saw Blade Diameter: 300 mm Max. Cutting Height At 90°: 80 mm Max. Cutting Height At 45°: 55 mm Main Saw Spindle Speed: 4000/600 rpm Main Spindle Diameter: 30 mm Tilting Saw Blade: 0-45° Main Motor:5.5 HP Scoring Saw Blade Diameter: 120 mm Scoring Saw Blade Speed: 8000 rpm Scoring Spindle Diameter: 20 mm Scoring Motor: 1 HP Net Weight: 650 kgs Dimensions: 3250*3150*900 mm

Door Assembly Press MH2325-2


Max. Working Length: 2500 mm Max. Working Width: 1000 mm Max. Working Thickness: 80 mm Top Cylinder Quantity: 4 pcs Each Side Cylinder Specification: Φ63*200 mm Side Cylinder Quantity: 2 pcs Each Side Cylinder Specification: Φ63*200 mm Rated Air Pressure: 0.6 mpa Rated Hydraulic Pressure: 16 mpa Dimension: 3600*2200*1900 mm Weight: 2200 kgs

Wide Belt Sander SR-RP1300


Total Power: 84.50 HP Motor for First Unit: 50 HP Motor for Second Unit: 40 HP Feeding Motor: 5 HP Lifting Motor: 0.75 HP Motor for Brush Roller: 0.70 HP Hardness of First Roller: Steel roller Hardness of Second Roller: 70 sh Diameter of First Roller: 240 MM Diameter of Second Roller: 210 MM Linear Speed of First Roller: 20 M/S Linear Speed of Second Roller: 18 M/S Abrasive Belt Size: 1330×2200 MM Working Air Pressure:0.6Mpa Air Consumption: 17 M3/H Volume of Dust Collection Device: 6960 M3/H Voltage: 380 V/50 Hz/3 Phase Overall Dimensions: 2040×2650×2160 MM Net Weight:3900 KGS

Curvilinear Edge Bander J-2000.in


Minimum work piece length: 280 mm Work piece thickness range : 10 - 50 mm Edge Banding Thickness for PVC & ABS in coil form : 0.5 - 3.0 mm Min-Radius for curved Edging: 20 mm Feed speed :6 & 12 m/min Heating element : 2 kw Electric motor: 0.75 kw voltage / ø 415V , 3ø wts machine video

Ovolo Bits High Quality from Taiwan

Dia Shank Brand Price (TK)
12 12 Taiwan 1060
16 12 Taiwan 1176
18 12 Taiwan 1295
22 12 Taiwan 1350
25 12 Taiwan 1470

Horizontal Double End Mortiser MS3112


Working Table Lift Stroke: ±65mm mm Working Table Tilting Angle: 20° mm Max. Tenon Chamfer Width: 120+2Rmm Max. Tenon Groove Depth: 60mm Spindle Speed: 12000rpm Power: 2.2kw Overall Size:1500*1050*1170mm seasoning plant details

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