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Cold Press MH 3248×60 T


Platen Size: 1300*2500 mm Piston Stroke: 1300 mm Max. Working Pressure: 60 T Total Motor Power: 4 kw Dimension: 3000*1250*3050 mm Weight: 2700 kgs

Cold Press MT50


Platen Size: 1300*2500 mm Piston Stroke: 1200 mm Max. Working Pressure: 50T Total Motor Power: 4HP Dimension: 3000*1250*3050 mm

Door Assembly Press MH2325-2


Max. Working Length: 2500 mm Max. Working Width: 1000 mm Max. Working Thickness: 80 mm Top Cylinder Quantity: 4 pcs Each Side Cylinder Specification: Φ63*200 mm Side Cylinder Quantity: 2 pcs Each Side Cylinder Specification: Φ63*200 mm Rated Air Pressure: 0.6 mpa Rated Hydraulic Pressure: 16 mpa Dimension: 3600*2200*1900 mm Weight: 2200 kgs

High Frequency Curved Plywood Press YX150-SA


Total hydraulic pressure: 150 ton Vertical hydraulic pressure: 150 ton Quantity of hydraulic cylinders: 2 pieces Working size: 2500*1300 mm Opening between up and down platen: 1100 mm Hydraulic cylinder stroke: 600 mm Hydraulic system rated pressure: 25 Mpa Overall size (L*W*H): 3300*1300*2200 mm Power: 380V, 3Phase, 220V,1Phase,50hz Total power for whole machine is 47.5kva

Specification High Frequency Generator

Input Power: 40 KVA Output Power: 30 KW HF Output: 2 output Oscillation: 6.78 Mhz Protection: Overload protection, wind cooling pressure detection, filament 2 stages stars, lose phase protection Tuning Mode Variable capacitor Cooling Mode Force wind cooling Overall Size (L*W*H) 1050*950*1950 mm Power: 380V, 3 phase, 220V, 1 phase, 50hz

High Frequency Edge Gluer SP20-SA


OUTPUT POWER: 20KW CAPACITY LENGTH: 2440 mm WIDTH: 1220 mm THICKNESS: 8-100 mm PRESSING DIRECTION: Two Ways SIDE PRESSURE: 36 Ton(12 pcs of hydraulic cylinders) TOP PRESSURE: 9 Ton (3 pcs of hydraulic cylinders) OVERALL SIZE Press:L2700*W2150*H2100 mm Inlet:L3500*W1600*H800 mm Outlet:L2000*W1330*H800 mm HF Generator:L1000*W800*H1800 mm INPUT POWER: 3 Phase,380V,50Hz-30KVA High Frequency Wood Jointing Press

Hot Press 214×8/6-12


Pressure: 627  Ton, 6270 KN Layer: 12 Distance between: 80 mm Hot platens dimension: 2700×1370×52 mm Numbers of cylinder: 3 个 Diameter of cylinder: Φ380 x 2 + 180 x 1 Stroke of cylinder: 960 mm Empty closing Time: 13 Sec Power: 33 kw Overall dimensions: 3590×1370×4350 mm Weight: 42000 Kg Control method: Automatic Pump Station *** Price can be changed by depends on Layer/daylight***

Hot Press MH 3848x120T


Max. Pressure: 120 T Dalight Qty: 3 pcs Platen Size: 4-42*2500*1300 mm Dalight Distance: 120 mm Ram Dia. and Qty: 8pcs*Ø 85 mm Hydraulic Pump Motor: 4 kw Heating Motor Power:36 kw Thermal Oil Pump Motor: 2 HP Dimension:3500*1650*2150 mm Weight: 8000 Kgs