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About Our Company

Wood Tech Solution was formed with expertise and specialization to support wood working industries in Bangladesh. You can get complete wood working solution from a single house. Our company is the only professional organization of its kind in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh, we are one of the reputed companies in the world and have the best knowledge in woodworking technology. In the last 21 years we completed many furniture, door and wood-based materials manufacturing projects in Bangladesh as well as in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and African countries. We provide a complete woodworking solution with consultancy for factory planning, production layout plan, supply of machines, installation, operation training and after sales service. We are consulting partners and technology suppliers for all big brands of Bangladesh like Hatil, Brothers, Nadia, Partex, Navana, Akhtar, Otobi, Charuta, Vista, Concord, Ismat Ara etc. Wood Tech Solution now became pioneer and synonyms of best wood working solution to thousands of furniture and doors manufacturers in Bangladesh.  We provide consultation and services in the fields of :

1) Complete Wood machining for furniture, doors and composite wood materials (particle board, ply board, laminated board etc.) production
2) High quality accessories like – blades, cutters, bits etc. for various machines.
3) Consultancy for wood working factory setup – from planning, design layout to final production
4) Development of wood engineering & processing
5) Wood preservation and modification technology ( seasoning plant, treatment plant )
6) Wood bonding method and techniques.
7) Wood finishing, coating technology.
8) Wood coating of foils, films and veneer technology.
9) Development of testing method for products monitoring & quality assurance.
10) Workplace safety method.

In 2019 we setup the only Woodworking Technology center in Bangladesh.  This 29,000 sft. technology center at Keranigonj, Dhaka is the one of the largest woodworking technology showcase in the world. Customers can get live practical experience of furniture and doors manufacturing techniques and training by the latest machineries.

Our highly experienced after sales service team is trained from Europe who are expert on maintaining even high-tech machines. Under the leading and supervision of our CEO who is an internationally reputed wood working consultant and expert on wood engineering, furniture, doors and complete wood machining we are committed to provide unique services to furniture and doors industries in Bangladesh.