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High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer

High frequency vacuum wood dryer is small but fast with low temperature drying machine, suitable for drying all kinds of wood, from veneer/lamella/wood board to thick lumber, even heavy timber. For thin pieces like veneer or floor lamella, HF vacuum drying not only offer short cycle solution but also eliminate curved or shrink problem. For thick and hard wood, HF vacuum drying brings good quality with uniform humidity, free of split or spark both on surface or inside, short drying cycle will help a lot to meet demand for production.

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Pipe Cutting Machine


Max Cutting Capacity : 95 mm Motor Power : 3 kw Saw Blade Size : 275 - 315 mm Cooling Pump : 40 W Air Pressure : 6 - 8 kg/cm2 Machine Dimension : 650 x 1200 x 1350mm Machine Weight: 280 kg

Pneumatic Pipe Cutting Machine CS-315P


Max. saw blade: Φ315 mm Max cutting Round tube:Φ95 mm Square tube:85×85 mm Rectangle tube:110×75 mm Cut angle: 0° - 90° Max Vice open distance: 105 mm Applied saw blade HHS: Φ250 mm - Φ315 mm, Standard Φ300 mm Main motor power: 2.4 / 3.0 kw Cooler pump power: 90 W