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Two Head Multi Boring MB2H


"Max. Boring Diameter: 35mm Max. Boring Depth: 60mm The Distance Between Spindles: 32mm Drill Spindle Number: 21 pcs x 2 Rotating Speed Of Drill Shaft: 2840r/Min Total Power: 2*2 Hp Mechanical Size: 2000*2500*1450mm Spindle Speed:2840 Rpm Standard : European Weight: 500 Kgs Power: 380v,50Hz" wts machine video

Two Head Multi Boring MB2HR


Max Boring Dia. : ⌀35 (Single) ⌀13 (Multi) Max Boring Dia. 60 mm Quantity: 21 x2 pcs Diameter of drilling collet: ⌀ 10 mm Spindle Rotation: 2840 rpm Motor Power: 3 KW Air Pressure: 05-06 MPA Dimension: 1350 x 1300 x 1600

Two Head Multi Boring MZ2F


Max. Boring Diameter: 35 mm Max. Boring Depth: 60 mm The Distance between Spindles: 32 mm Drill Spindle Number: 42 Rotating Speed of Drill Shaft: 2840 r/Min Total Power: 2*2 HP Mechanical Size: 2000*2500*1450 mm Spindle Speed: 2840 Rpm wts machine video