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Saw Mill LT 40

The LT40 Series, with many thousands out in the field, is the real workhorse of our range of sawmills particularly for the mobile operator who concentrates on custom cutting for his income. The LT40 Series, as with all our mills, can be used in stationary applications and many of our owners in Central and Eastern Europe use these mills in multiple shift operations clocking up tens of thousands of hours. With a wide range of engine, log handling and control options we can tailor-make a mill to your exact requirements. The LT40 Series mills are primarily owned by individual entrepreneurs and privately owned businesses whose source of income is derived from their sawing operation.


Max. Log Capacity LT40S: 90 cm dia. x 5 m LT40M: 90 cm dia. x 6.3 m LT40L: 90 cm dia. x 8.6 m Log Handling: Manual / Hydraulic Head Drive: PowerFeed and Up/Down Power Options: 42 HP Turbo-Diesel 33 HP Diesel 28 HP Gas 24.8 HP Electric 20 HP Electric 20 HP Electric Standard  SW Set works: Roller, Single Block Blade Guides Typical Options: Super Hydraulic Package for M beds (42 HP and AC models only) Debarker Auto Clutch Hold Down Clamps Trailer Package Bed Extension: 1.8 m or 3.6 m or 7.2 m