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Panel Saw SMV 8


Dimension of Sliding Table:   3200*435 mm Cross Cut Capacity:                3200 mm Max. Cutting Width:               1250 mm Saw Blade Diameter:              300 mm Max. Cutting Height At 90°: 80 mm Max. Cutting Height At 45°: 55 mm Main Saw Spindle Speed:       4000/600 rpm Main Spindle Diameter:         30 mm Tilting Saw Blade:                  0-45° Main Motor:                4kw (5.5kw Optional) Scoring Saw Blade Diameter:            120 mm Scoring Saw Blade Speed:      8000 rpm Scoring Spindle Diameter:      20 mm Scoring Motor:                        0.75 kw Net Weight:                             770 kgs Dimensions:                   3250*3150*900 mm