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Brush Sander FS 1000-4


Working width: 1000 mm Min. working length: 400 mm Working thickness: 2-80 mm Polishing speed: Variable speed (inverter) Feeding speed: 5-20 m/min Motor power: 11.50 HP Dimension: 2700*1850*1450 mm

Brush Sander FS 1000-6S

Two disc brushes, two horizontal roll brushes, two crosswise brushes group with four inverter controller; two horizontal roll brushes with two inverters; crosswise brushes one inverter; disc brushes one inverter; The inverter is German Rexroth brand; four groups can do up and down separately; details pictures as follow:


Working width: 1000 MM Min. working length: 500 MM Working thickness: 2-100 MM Polishing speed: Variable speed (inverter) Feeding speed: 5-20 M/min Motor power: 18 HP Dimension: 3650*1850*2100 MM

Brush Sander SMOOTH 630-2


Working Width: 630 mm Processing Thickness: 5-100 mm Length of workbench:  More than 350 mm Rotation Speed: Variable Speed with Inverter Feeding Speed: 5-20 m/min Total Motor Power: 5.5 HP Main Motor: 2 HP 4 Poles Feeding Motor: 1 HP