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CNC Spindle Rotary Peeling Heavy Duty KI-SPRL-1350

Technical Specification :

Having capacity to peel log of length: 1400 mm Having capacity to take 10’ girth. Compressor: 2 HP Power Pack: 3 HP Machine will be with knife & electric motors: 40 HP Main Drive:3 HP x 1 for the movement of the Spindles: 3 HP for the movement of the carriage

Log Peeling Machine (Rotary Veneer Lathe) R.V.H.P.B 800 X 1500 C50


Cutting Knife Length: 1270 mm (50” size) Swing dia. (Max. Log Diameter): 750 mm Diff. Veneer Thickness: 1.00 mm ~ 3.00 mm (Standard) Min. Block Length to be peeled: 950 mm Min. End Core Diameter : 50 mm Max. Spindle revolution: 300 rpm. (5-Speed Gear Box System) Total Power Required : 45 HP (Main Motor 30 P)