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45 degree Edge Bander J-3045


Table size (L x B): 1150 x 900 mm Minimum work piece length: 280 mm Work piece thickness range: - Inclined 45° Edge 10 - 25 mm - Full Straight Edge 10 - 50 mm Edge banding thickness for PVC / ABS in coil form: 0.4 - 2.0 mm Min-radius for curved edging: 20 mm Glue pot capacity: 3 kg Variable feed: 4 to 16 m/min. Front table adjustment (Up & Down): 3 mm Front table tilt angle : 0° to 45° Maximum setting temperature: 180° Compressed air requirement: 0.5 / 5 - 7 hp/kg/cm² Heating element: 1.5 kw 45° Tape groove motor: 0.73 kw Electric motor: 0.37 kw Power supply voltage: 415V, 3Ø Machine dimension: (L x B x H): 2150 x 1000 x 1025mm Electric motor: 0.37 (415V, 3Ø) kw Approx. net weight: 330 kg wts machine video

Auto Feeder PT400


Speed: 8 speeds Motor Power: 750 w Roll: 04 Pcs Feeder for Molder machine: 380 V

Auto Hole Drilling and Boring Machine WTS Drill Elite 303


Head: 1 horizontal & and 2 vertical Heads Max. drilling diameter: Dia-35mm ( single boring) Dia13mm ( multi boring) Max. drilling depth: 50mm Total drill spindle quantity: 21x1+22x2pcs = 65 pcs Max. center distance between holes: 1800x672mm Min. center distance between holes: 130x32mm Spindle rotation speed: 2840RPM Center distance of drill spindle: 32mm Horizontal rows motor power: 1.5KW Air pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa Dimension: 2800x2500x1620mm

Auto Straight Edge Bander EB 320


Min. Panel width: 60 mm Min. Panel length: 150 mm Panel thickness: 10-60 mm Edge tape thickness: 0.4-3 mm Feeding speed: 15 m/min Working pressure: 0.6 mpa Total motor power: 6.7 kw Dimension: 3120*670*1270 mm Weight:510 kgs

Auto Straight Edge Bander EB 500


Work piece length: ≥150 mm Feeding speed: 16/22/24 m/min Work piece width: ≥60 mm Suction inlet: Ø125 mm x 2 Min. work piece size: 150×60 mm Air pressure: 0.6 Mpa Work piece thickness: 10-60 mm Motor power: 8.3 KW Tape thickness: 0.4-3 mm Dimension: 3960 x 1000 x 1700 mm

Auto Straight Edge Bander EB245DB


Minimum Panel Width: 80 mm Minimum Panel Length: 120 mm Panel Thickness: 12 - 45 mm Edge Tape Thickness: 0.4 - 3 mm Feeding Speed: 8 m/min Working Pressure: 0.6 Mpa Total Motor Power: 4 HP Dimension: 2120 x 550 x 1300 Weight: 510 KGS wts machine video

Auto Straight Edge Bander MF 50Q


Panel Length Min.: 120 mm (PVC) Panel Width Min.: 80 mm Panel Thickness: 12-55 mm Edge Thickness: 0.4-3 mm Feeding Speed: 10.3 m/min Working pressure: 0.6 Mpa Net Weight: 650 kg Total Power: 8 HP Overall Size: 2620x1080x1340 mm Packing Size: 2700x800x1500 mm (single machine) wts machine video

Auto Straight Edge Bander MF50 B


Panel Width: ≥80mm Panel Thickness: 10-60mm Edge Thickness: 0.4-3mm Feeding Speed: 12-22m/min Working pressure: 0.6Mpa Motor Power: 8kw Machine size: 4100x970x1600mm


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